Xenon lamp weather resistance test chamber

Characteristics of the models

Item No. Dimensions of packed item incl. pallet (D*W*H) G.W.(kg)
AXL-150 1500*1450*1780mm 500
AXL-500 1580*1620*2180mm 580


1.Application and features:
The Xenon lamp temperature and humidity test chamber universally applied in bioengineering, genetic engineering environmental science,medical science, agriculture, forestry, livestock husbandry,educational organization and scientific research institute. Be used for cultivation test in a simulated climatic environment, so that to evaluate the function and quality of the specimen.
The product has the following features:
1.1.Design of system and structure is advanced and scientific, normative manufacturing process, good appearance, easy to be maintained.
1.2.Components and parts match to the set well, main functional components and parts are intermational advanced ones.
1.3.Safe and reliable, guarantee requirement of long-time and steady work.
1.4.Be convenient to use. What should be provided by user is only power supply.


Standards meet:
1) GB9344-88: Test method of plastic exposure to xenon lighting;
2) GB/T12831-1991: Manual climatic aging test method of vulcanized rubber (xenon lamp);
3) GB/T14522-93: Manual climatic test method with xenon lamp. (Manual climatic accelerating test method to plastic, coating and rubber material those used in machinery industrial product).
4) GB/T2423.24-1995: Test of electric and electronic products, PART 2: Test method – Test Sa: simulating ground solar radiation.

2. Main Basic Specifications

3.The other key technical indexes

3.1.Periodic illumination time:   0~999H59M, adjustable.

The time of cycling or continuous test can be set at will.This is automatic trigger for illumination,  to realize simulation of day and night in cycling modes.
Sprinkle:  Integrated continuous or periodic, adjustable
Continuous sprinkle time:  0~999H59M
Periodic sprinkle time:  0~9999minutes,settable.The cycle time of circulating  or continuous rain and dew can be set at will.
Distance between holer and lamp: 80mm~300mm, adjustable
Capacity for specimen:  Size of the tray: 450*720mm
Rotary speed of rack:  N
Filter glass:  1 piece
Power supply: AC380V, 3 phase, 4 wire + GND
Power:  12KW
Weight: 280KG, estimated data.

4. Body structure
4.1  The equipment was made with independent structure. The outer skin is make of quality cold rolling steel plate treated with parkerising electrostatic spray.
4.2  The inner material is quality stainless steel SUS304, the surface is bright and smooth.
4.3  The door is made as flexible suspending dodge gate with silastic seal material. The device is good in seal performance and be simple to adjust. Electrical heating device to defrost is installed on door frame and edges. Electrical heating frost prevention glass is installed on the gate to observe the specimen and test conveniently.
4.4  Full spectrum xenon lamp; a variety of choices for filtration systems; light sensor probe irradiance control; water spray feature;
4.5  Relative humidity control; blackboard / or chamber air temperature control system; irregular shape fixation;
4.6  Imports at reasonable prices xenon lamp can be replaced.
4.7  Test with 50mm diameter holes for the external test power line or signal line

5.Control system
5.1  Temperature and humidity control instruments used (South Korea) the number of all imported high-precision micro computer integrated controller; Accuracy: 0.1 ℃ (display range); Resolution: ± 0.1 ℃; temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance temperature body;.
5.2  Control: humidity thermostat heat balance method.
5.3  Temperature and humidity control with P.I.D + S.S.R system and the coordinated control channel..
5.4  With automatic calculation function, changes in temperature and humidity conditions can be corrected immediately, so that more precise control of temperature and humidity stable.
5.5  . Refrigerator with the French original ” Tecumseh ” closed compressor。
5.6  Drier filter, refrigerant flow windows, repair valve, oil separator, solenoid valve, liquid storage are imported original parts
5.7  Refrigeration unit or binary system uses low-temperature loop system design
5.8  Multi-wing powerful air circulation blower, to avoid any dead ends, can test the temperature distribution within the region
5.9  Wind output and return design, air pressure, wind speed comply with test standard, and could fasten temperature recovery the the moment the door opened.
5.10  Heating, cooling, the system is completely independent can improve efficiency and reduce testing costs, increase life, reduce the failure rate
5.11  Protection: Overall device over-temperature; the equipment lack phase / reverse phase; the equipment overload; refrigeration unit overpressure; the equipment regularly;leakage, operating instructions, fault alarm and automatically shut-down protection

6.Provide technical data and enclosure
Technical data: certificate of quality, circuit diagram, warranty card, operation and maintenance manual.


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