Rohde & Schwarz ZVL3

Measurement of S-parameters, impedance, admittance and stability
Measurement output as Smith chart, inverted Smith chart, magnitude and phase, polar diagram, real / imaginary, group delay, VSWR
Very high number of traces and channels, overlay display of traces and different channels in a single diagram
Evaluation of traces within up to 10 ranges: max, min, rms, mean, std deviation, electrical length, phase delay
Evaluation of band pass filters in terms of center frequency, bandwidth, quality factor, attenuation


Vector Network Analyzer, 9 kHz to 3 GHz

Vector Network Analyzer 9kHz-3GHz

The R&S ZVL network analyzers are a new addition to the extended family of R&S Vector Network Analyzers. It addresses the lower price segment with a lightweight and compact design that covers applications in the middle and low-end. Especially interesting is the combination of ZVL with the spectrum analysis option as well as the DC/battery option. The spectrum analyzer option offers similar specifications and same features as the FSL. ZVL is the first instrument in this performance class that is available with network and spectrum analysis functions.

Key Features
Bidirectional test-set
9 kHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz
>115 dB dynamic range(> 123 dB typ)
Spectrum analysis as option
Portable: 15.4 lbs, 14.57 inches depth
Color display and sunlight mode for enhanced visibility
DC/Battery power option
Manufacturing of RF filters, couplers, relays, amplifiers, cables, etc. ?
Design labs for RF filters, couplers, relays, amplifiers, cables, etc. ?
Mobile phone base station commissioning, service and installation
Radio & TV station commissioning, service and installation
Remote location RF service application
Educational institutions and research RF-laboratories
Military and government applications


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