Instek SPD-3606


Three independent, isolated output
CH3 adjustable output : 0.1~5V/3A
High efficiency power conversion (up to 25% more than traditional power supply)
Remote output on/off control
OVP to protect the DUT
OTP to protect SPD-3606 to decreas the repair rate
Compact size, light weight
Low Fan acoustic noise with fan speed control circuit
Voltage/current protection knob (option)


Dual Range DC Switching Power Supply 0-30V, 0-6A or 0-60V, 0-3A Triple Output

The SPD-3606 DC power supply provides 375W output capacity, three isolated outputs with dual-range for CH1/CH2, highly efficient power conversion, low noise, high reliability, thorough protection, high economic value and compact size. The SPD-3606 creates a new bench mark for satisfying main stream power supply demands. CH1/CH2 offer dual-range output either at 30V/6A or 60V/3A per channel to accommodate broad applications in one unit. With the auto Series/Parallel tracking operation, the SPD-3606 is able to provide the master output at 30V/12A, 60V/6A, or 120V/3A covering three output applications in one unit. High power density and high power conversion efficiency lets the SPD-3606 consume less energy and align itself with global environment protection concerns. In addition, the high power density makes the SPD-3606 weigh less than half and occupy much less space compared with linear power supplies.


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