Yokogawa PZ4000 253710-D-M3

Power Analyzer

The Yokogawa PZ4000 (253710) lets you make high-precision measurements of voltage, current, and consumed power in equipment driven at frequencies ranging from several tens of kHz to approximately 100 kHz.

With the PZ4000, you can measure lamp current of fluorescent bulb using Delta Computation function. It computes the difference of the instantaneous values between output current of electric ballast and cathode current.

With the PZ4000, you can measure power loss resulting from actual load applications, instead of evaluating characteristics based on small signals using an LCR meter or impedance analyzer.

Take full advantage of the 4M word internal memory (optional; enough for 4 million samples) to obtain precise measurements of extremely low-frequency (several mHz) signals


l Wide measurement bandwidth (DC, up to 2 MHz)
l Accurately capturing of input waveforms using high-speed (maximum 5 MS/s) sampling
l Voltage and current waveform display and analysis functions to enable
power calculations on fluctuating inputs
l Harmonic analysis (up to 500th order) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) functions to enable high-frequency power spectrum analysis
l Simultaneous measurement of many channels using multiple units and external trigger function
l Environmentally friendly design based on YOKOGAWA?s “Guidelines for Designing Products for the Environment” and “Criteria for Environmental Assessment in Product Design.”
l Sensor input module enables evaluation of motor efficiency and total efficiency.


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