Willtek 9103


Frequency range up to 7.5 GHz
VSWR and DTF measurements supporting antenna installation and verification (option)
Tracking generator option enables cable measurements in the field
Radiation measurements of base stations and broadcast stations (EMF option)
Scalar network analysis (amplifier gain over frequency or filter characteristics) and antenna measurements
Prequalification for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) tests
Displayed average noise level at -117 dBm
Dynamic range of 70 dB


9103 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer (100 kHz to 7.5 GHz)
Portable Spectrum Analyzer up to 7.5 GHz, Designed for Scalar Network and Spectrum Analysis
The Willtek 9103 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer is a multifunction instrument designed for lab and field applications concerning scalar network and spectrum analysis, including cable and antenna measurements and EMC pre-qualification tests. The 9103 has a frequency range of 100 kHz to 7.5 GHz and a resolution bandwidth (RBW) of an exceptional 1 kHz. The 9103 is small in size and weight, with a large, bright display and easy-to-use menu structure.

Options Provide Specific Solutions and Applications

The 9103 offers a vast range of options developed for specific applications. For example, a tracking generator option supporting cable measurements, and a reflection measurement option are available. The flexibility these options provide ensures that the 9103 is an affordable solution, not one that includes unneeded, more expensive features.


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