TEXIO Kenwood PA160-0.4B

PA SERIES Regulated DC Power Supplies with Digital Displays 0-160 Volts / 0-0.4 Amps, High Accuracy, Digital Display


The PA-B series is a high-performance DC constant-voltage, constant-current power supply unit with 3.5 digit voltage indicator LEDs and 3-digit current indicator LEDs. The series regulator control allows the user to vary the output from 0 to the rated output. The output controller, a 10-turn winding type variable resistor, offers fine control of output voltage and current. It is possible to set the output voltage and current even the the output is off. The output voltage and current may be checked simultaneously. The PA-B series feature output On/Off control, output sensing, and various remote control functions and fully meet various user needs. They have a wide variety of applications including research and development, protoyping, test, aging, and systems integration.


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