Teseq Schaffner Profline 2115-208

3-phase 15kVA system for IEC 61000-3-2, -3 and IEC 61000-4-13, -14 and -28, pre-compliance for IEC 61000-4-11. AC input 208V nominal, 3-phase

Key Equipment Under Test electrical parameters updated continuously
User selectable test limits
Start and stop flicker tests with a single mouse click
User selectable test parameters and data display options
The ProfLine 2100 test system limits the EMC generated as a result of the continuing expansion of electronics and electrical products that make life in the home, office or factory more efficient. In the European Union, compliance with EMC directives is now mandated by law. Schaffner’s ProfLine 2100 is a family of powerful, cost-effective, compliance test solutions to help you meet your EMC responsibilities in the 21st century.


Measurement Power House
At the heart of ProfLine 2100 is an IEC-compliant power analyzer providing detailed voltage and current harmonics data. DSP-based 500kHz, 16-cycle no-gap/no-overlap data acquisition and powerful FFT analysis software ensure full compliance testing to IEC 61000-3-2 – and the flexibility to meet, for example IEC 61000-4-7 0.2s 10- and 12-cycle timing regimes as well as the current 320ms timing. Direct PC bus access ensures higher data throughput than found in most single box IEEE-488-based test systems. Streaming real-time data storage allows problems to be replayed and analyzed in complete confidence, speeding up fault detection.

EUT voltage and power are monitored continuously. Distortion, current harmonics and EUT power consumption are checked against IEC class limits for pass/fail detection and dynamic class C and D test limit calculation. And ProfLine 2100’s inherent flexibility ensures new IT equipment class E and F limits will be handled easily.

CCN 1000 ProfLine 2100’s advanced coupling unit provides quick and easy single cable connection between AC source outputs and EUT, plus the required isolation and signal conditioning. Precision, noburden, active Hall-effect current transformers ensure accurate current sensing over 4A, 16A and 40A ranges with 200A peak capability for maximum resolution. Anti-aliasing filters on all channels eliminate unwanted frequency components from results.

The EUT can be plugged into the front panel-mounted, Europeanstyle outlet, the optional multiple country-specific outlet strip, or wired to the rear panel-mounted terminal block.


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