TeraVM Virtualization


The core enablers for virtualization are occurring at a number of unique levels:

  • An increase in the volume of vendors offering their solution as a VNF or indeed as containers, which are agnostic to software/hardware platforms
  • Standardization of NFV and SDN solution frameworks including new APIs
  • Consolidation of management and orchestration software architectures
  • Enablement of highly scaled network functionality servicing Terabytes of data flows


TeraVM is agnostic to the hypervisors/hardware platforms on which the public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or indeed private cloud platforms of OpenStack or OpenMano are built upon.

As IP networks and services transition from fixed physical appliances to virtualized solutions and into cloud platforms, never before has it being so important to deliver the five 9s of reliability.

It’s expected over the coming years that more carriers will migrate to virtualized solutions running on standard server hardware, enabling carriers gain more control over the services they can deploy and reduce the annual spend on capital programmes.


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