Terahertz Technologies LTS1500-35


  • Automated loss measurements
  • Auto Wavelength Recognition
  • InGaAs detector for temperature stability and wide dynamic range
  • Universal Power Meter and Light Source adapters FC/ST and SC
  • Power Meter with 80 dB dynamic Range
  • Power meter accepts any connector with a 2.5 mm ferrule
  • Built in source is equipped with adaptors for FC, ST, or SC connectors


Loss Test Set W/1310/1550nm Dual Laser Light Source

The LTS-1500 greatly simplifies and expedites measurements of fiber optic links. As a power meter, it incorporates a highly sensitive and stable InGaAs detector with six calibrated wavelengths that affords the user a measurement range of +5 to -75 dBm. It also performs fiber identification tasks. For fiber loss measurements, the unit’s Auto test mode automatically measures loss at each of the three wavelengths and displays the appropriate corresponding fiber loss value. Pressing the Store Loss button records all three measurements for later downloading and analysis via its USB port. Up to 2000 triple wavelength measurements may be recorded.

The LTS-1500 is an indispensable tool for fiber installation and maintenance. It measures optical power and performs automatic loss measurements at up to three Wavelengths. It stores up to 2000 triple Wavelength loss measurements for USB download and analysis.


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