Rohde & Schwarz FSQ8

Signal Analyzer 20 Hz to 8 GHz

The Rohde & Schwarz FSQ8 Signal Analyzer combines signal analysis with the dynamic range of a high-end spectrum analyzer and a demodulation bandwidth of 28 MHz, the FSQ26 can capture and analyze the full breadth of an 802.11a WLAN or multiple carrier W-CDMA signal.


Features and Benefits:

20 Hz to 8 GHz range covers spurious measurements at microwave frequencies
28 MHz IQ Bandwidth allows full-span capture of 802.11a WLAN and Multi-carrier W-CDMA signals
10 Hz to 100 kHz Digital RBW: Digital RBWs can be swept 2.5 times faster than analog equivalents and have higher accuracy over wide power ranges
2×16 MB Memory allows in-depth analysis of Code Power vs. Time for examination of base station operation during handoffs and investigation of channel effects
-155 dBc at 10 MHz Offset simplifies production testing by eliminating external filters for spurious noise measurements
WLAN – 802.11a
2.5G and 3G Component Development
Multiple Carrier W-CDMA Demodulation and Analysis
Amplifier Production Test


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