Rohde & Schwarz FSIQ7-B4-B7-B17

Options :
B4 = Low Phase Noise
B7 = Vector Signal Analysis
B17 = 2nd IEC/IEEE Bus Interface



Spectrum Analysis with Ultra-wide Dynamic Range for Sophisticated ACPR
Measurements NF = 15 dB/TOI = +20 dBm
Figure of merit (NF – TOI) = +5 dBm
Integrated Vector Signal Analyzer for Universal Analysis of Digital and Analog
Modulated Signals BPSK to 16QAM, (G)MSK, AM, FM, PM
Vector Signal Analyzer for W-CDMA Symbol Rate up to 6.4 Msymbol/s
High-speed Synthesizer with 5 ms Sweep Time for FULL SPAN (FSIQ3/7)
High Display Update Rate up to 25 sweeps/s
Large Colour Display with High Resolution (24 cm/9.5 TFT)
Analysis of Frequency, Time, and Modulation Domain in One Box 82 dB
ACPR (Adjacent Channel Power Ratio) in 4.096 MHz
Integration Bandwidth for Alternate Channel
True RMS Detector for Precise and Repeatable Measurements of any Signal
Type Features in Brief3 models and frequency ranges:
FSIQ 3: 20 Hz to 3.5 GHz
FSIQ 7: 20 Hz to 7 GHz
FSIQ 26: 20 Hz to 26 GHz


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