Refurbished TEXIO Kenwood CS-5400

Bandwidth: 100 Mhz Channels: 3

CS SERIES Real Time Oscilloscopes 100 MHz/1mV, 3CH/6-Trace, R/O, B-Sweep, Auto Setup


The CS-5400 Series are 3-channel oscilloscopes developed with concepts of high level design high accuracy and easy operation. The panel layout never diminishes the intuitive and high-speed response provide fatigue free operation even after long-hours of use. These models incorporating readout function (with CS-5400 / 5450) offer you parameter measurement and auto setup functions enabling to measure AC voltage (Vp-p) ? DCvoltage?frequency and period. All of these models are provided with full features including 2% high-accuracy measurement?delay sweep function?automatic triggering and high intensity?high-resolution CRT. The CS-5400 Series with high-performance will surely assist you in many kinds of field activities.




Parameter Auto Measurement Function
It is possible to measure the voltage, frequency and period automatically just input the signal. Especially for voltage measurement, measurement mode is automatically selected according to the input selector. For example, when the AC input is selected, “Peak-to-Peak” voltage is automatically measured, and when the DC input is selected, DC voltage is measured automatically.


* Parameter Auto Measurement Function
* Auto Setup Function(CS-5400/5450)
* Cursor Measurement Function(CS-5400/5450)
* Peak to Peak Voltage Measurement(CS-5400/5450)
* Variable Lock(CS-5400/5450)
* 3-Channel 8-Trace Waveform Display
* High-Sensitivity Design with Vertical Axis of 1 mV/div
* Automaticv Sync (FIX) Function
* Easy Operation Panel Layout
* Delayed Sweep with Waveform Partial Magnification Capability
* V Mode Sync for Stable Display of 3 Signals
* High-Accuracy 2% Design for More Precision Measurement
* Maximum Sweep Rate of 5 ns/div (x10 MAG)
* Built in Video Clamp Circuit for Easy Operation
* Square-Type 150 mm CRT with Self-Illuminated Light and Inside Scale (12 kV)
* Single Sweep for Observations of Single-shot Channel
* Variable Hold-off Allowing Observation of Waveforms with Complicated Cycle
* High-Accuracy Calibration Signals
* CH1 Signal Output Connector
* Wide Dynamic Range and Distortion-Free Accurate Waveform Display


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