Refurbished Keysight-Agilent 8753C-002-006-010

Base Frequency: 300 KHz Max Frequency: 6 GHz

Network Analyzer 300kHz-6GHz

The Agilent 8753C network analyzer combined with a test set provides a complete solution for characterizing linear behavior of either active or passive networks, devices, or components from 300 kHz up to 6 GHz. With two independent display channels available, you can simultaneously measure and view the reflection and transmission characteristics of the device under test in overlay or split-screen format on the crisp color display. The easy-to-use soft key selection of measurement functions allows you to measure the magnitude, phase, or group delay characteristics. Combine this unit with a test set provides you with the capability to simultaneously measure the transmission and reflection characteristics.


Refurbished Keysight-Agilent 8753C-002-006-010

Product Specs:

300 kHz to 3 GHz
Superb accuracy, with the most comprehensive calibration available
Optional time domain and swept harmonic measurements
Mixer testing with frequency offset capability
Optional step attenuator for extended source output power range
Pass/fail testing, interpolative error correction, test sequencing, and user-defined test frequencies to enhance productivity
Two independent display channels for simultaneous measurement of reflection and transmission characteristics

002: Add Harmonic Measurement Capability
006: 6 GHz Frequency Range
010: Time Domain Analysis Capability

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