Refurbished Keysight-Agilent 8713B-1E1

Base Frequency: 300 KHz Max Frequency: 3 GHz

Network Analyzer 300kHz-3GHz

The 8713B RF Network Analyzer offers speed, accuracy, and measurement versatility at a price that makes them ideal for high-volume RF component manufacturing. Characterize the transmission / reflection frequency response or measure the insertion loss, delay, power, or SWR of a variety of RF components. The instrument is compact, integrated, and provides fast, simple, and accurate RF testing. The unit covers a frequency range of 300kHz to 3GHz. Two independent display channels can measure and display two measurements, such as reflection and transmission, in a variety of useful formats.


HP 8713B Network Analyzer Features:

Frequency Range: 300 kHz to 3.0 GHz
Integrated transmission/reflection test set and synthesized source
Narrowband and broadband detection
“Real time” sweep speed (50 ms/sweep)
Internal 3 1/2-inch disk drive (LIF/DOS formats)
100 dB of system dynamic range

Optional AM delay and cable test capabilities

1E1 = 60 dB Attenuator


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