Refurbished GE Druck DBC 150

TC Dry Block Temperature Calibrator; -45� (below ambient) to 150�C.

GE Druck, a leading manufacturer of workshop and portable calibrators, has redefined the term “temperature calibrator” with the introduction of the GE Druck DBC 150 / 650 dry block calibrator. This innovative dry block temperature calibrator combines a highly stable temperature source with precision measurement of temperature probe signals, providing a truly stand-alone temperature calibrator suitable for laboratory, workshop, and portable use.

GE Druck DBC 150 / 650 dry block calibrators are available in Temperature Source (TS) and Temperature Calibrator (TC) versions. Each version is available with a choice of two temperature ranges for use up to 150°C (DBX 150) or alternatively 650°C (DBC 650).


The GE Druck DBC 150 / 650 dry block calibrator features control technology that ensures rapid settling time, excellent setpoint stability, and high accuracy. For improved measurement uncertainty, a traceable Pt 100 reference probe can be positioned directly into the well insert. The probe output is measured and displayed by the DBC calibrator.

The TC version of GE Druck DBC 150 / 650 dry block calibrator is a complete calibration system which simultaneously controls the reference temperature while measuring the device under test. In addition, loop power is provided for transmitters. In calibration mode, the percentage error or temperature deviation is displayed together with the input and output readings.


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