Refurbished Fluke 9500B-3200

3200 MHz High Performance Oscilloscope Calibration Workstation

Oscilloscope calibration can be complex, time consuming and expensive. A significant amount of skilled operator interaction and interpretation is often required to complete the job, and today s multi-channel instruments frequently mean that a great deal of lead switching is required. Even automated systems require significant manual intervention to complete elements of the most simple calibration procedures. Worse still, switching systems or multiplexers used to enable a degree of automation often contribute more errors and aberrations than the instrument being calibrated.


To compound the problem, rapid developments in oscilloscope technology make it difficult to keep up with performance trends without substantial re-investment on a regular basis. The Fluke 9500B Oscilloscope Calibration Workstation breaks that paradigm. It means that the benefits of hands-free, fully-automated, accurate oscilloscope calibration are readily available to everyone at a price and performance level that your needs and budget can support, while ensuring that, through performance upgrades, future needs will be met when the time demands it.

* All signals generated in detachable heads
* Control up to 5 heads from one mainframe
* No external signal switching required
* DC levels and 10 Hz to 100 kHz squarewaves are adjustable up to 220V
* Fast return-to-ground edges with rise/fall times of 70, 150 or 500 ps
* Edge amplitudes between 4.44 mV and 3.1 V
* High level edges up to 210 V pk-pk
* 5-digit amplitude resolution at 0.025% DC & 0.05% for squarewave accuracy
* Timing markers from 0.2 ns to 50 s per division
* Square and pulse markers to calibrate timebase jitter
* Auxiliary calibration functions
* DC and squarewave currents to 100 mA calibrate current probes
* Composite video signals test TV sync separator functions
* Linear ramps calibrate trigger level markers and check for missing bits
* High current 5 V to 20 V pulses test 50W terminator protection
* Zero skew accurately aligns pulse edges
* Evaluate channel delays in multi-channel scopes
* R and C functions directly measure oscilloscope input impedance
* Short/open circuit outputs to test input leakage current


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