Refurbished Aaronia Spectran HF 60105X V4

USB Spectrum Analyzer 1MHz – 9.4GHz

Spectran HF-60105 V4 X USB Spectrum Analyzer

Satisfied customers throughout the world have discovered that field RF measurement doesn’t have to be expensive with the Spectran series of RF Analyzers. Spectran Analyzers offer comparable and sometimes greater, functionality, features and specifications of units costing three times as much. Spectran RF Spectrum Analyzers are sold in complete ready-to-go systems that include the RF analyzer, both Omni & LOG Periodic antennas, PC software, USB cable, power adapter / charger, mini-tripod, and carrying case, plus a phenomenal manufacturer-offered 10 year warranty. Kaltman Creations has pre-configured the analyzers’ 10 Hot Keys to address the more popular North America RF bands: Wi-Fi, Industrial Remotes, Wireless Microphone, Business & Emergency Two-Way, Assisted Listening, Telco / Cellular, Intercom, and Radio / TV Broadcast. The user can also reprogram the Hot Keys as he sees fit.


Technical Features:
Safe limits calculated and displayed, standards-based in DE 08DIN/V48 or the other standard.
14 of the dual analog-to-digital converter
Digital downconversion hardware filtering
High-speed DSP processor 150MIPS
Real-time remote control (via USB port)
Vector (I / Q) measurements
DECT and time slot analysis
Built-in speaker
Audio output for computer-based FFT audio analysis software
Containing omnidirectional antenna OmniLOG 90200
Aluminum chassis, wall thickness 3mm, good shielding effect
The external power supply (without battery)


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