Leaptronix mPD-501

mPD-501 not only offers loading emulation of current but also provides OVP and OPP. User can use these functions to test solar power battery, rechargeable battery and motor driver.

In school laboratory, mPD-501 helps students do experiment on power circuit, linear circuit and driver circuit.


DC Electronic Load

mPD-501 DC electronic load mainly focuses on the testing of power circuit on PCB. mPD-501 offers a solution for function test of Switch step up, Stepdown, Regulators and Driver IC.

Engineer puts components, such as CPU, DSP, FPGA; etc on a PCB after the power circuit has been tested. It?s not complete to use a meter to measure the voltage. mPD-501 offers Engineer OVP, OCP and OPP functions that help engineer know the value of overload current. On the other hand, engineer can use a programmable DC power supply (mPP series) to offer external power and connect PCB?s output to mPD-501. Then engineer can easily get output watt, figure out the effi ciency of power circuit and check if inductances, capacitances and resistances perfectly work with the power circuit.


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