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TV Signal Generator

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The LG 226 TV Signal Generator modulates an analog TV signal in VSB for the PAL, NTSC and SECAM systems.


The LG 226 TV Signal Generator provides the capability to modulate an analog TV signal in VSB-AM format applicable to the PAL, NTSC, and SECAM broadcasting systems.
The TV signals of VHF, UHF, and CATV channels can be generated by applying the external composite video signal and audio signal.

The full-field color bar and line sweep signals, and 1 kHz/400 Hz audio signals can also be generated.




Suitable to check the video and sound of analog TV.

RF output frequency

The RF frequency can be set from 30 MHz to 950 MHz in 50 kHz steps.

The channel table is provided to set the RF signal in channel instead of the frequency.
Output attenuator

Highly realiable electronic attenuator is used.

Video modulation

The VSB (Vestigial Sideband) modulation is used to eliminate the interference to the adjacent channel.

Sound modulation

Applicable to both FM modulation and AM modulation (L method).

Preset function

Up to 100 front panel settings can be stored and recalled.

Remote control function

The preset conditions stored in the preset memory can be selected by specifying the address in INC, DEC, and RESET operation via the REMOTE control connector.

GPIB function

All front panel keys except the POWER switch can be remotely controlled since the GPIB interface (conforming to IEEE488.1) is provided as standard.


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