Keysight-Agilent 8640B-002-003

The 8640B Signal Generator delivers high performance capabilities and required specifications to meet the most demanding generator requirements. While covering the important frequency range of 0.5 to 512MHz, the solid-state 8640B offers a level output range of +19 to -145 dBm (2 V to 0.013 ?V).


This output is calibrated, metered, and leveled to within ?0.5 dB across the full frequency range of the instrument. It also provides AM, FM, and pulse modulation for a wide range of receiver test applications, internal modulation is available from 20Hz to 600kHz. This modulation is calibrated and metered for direct readout under all operating conditions. An internal 6-digit counter displays the output frequency and also can be used to count external input signals from 20Hz to 550MHz. Manufacturer’s Options Option 001 = 200 to 600kHz Internal Audio Oscillator Option 002 = Internal Doubler 512 to 1024MHz Option 003 = Reverse Power Protection Option 004 = Avionics Version Option 323 = Delete Phase Locking Capability


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