Hioki 3197-01-5000

– Vector Multimeter
– QuickSet
– Power & Power Quality
– Bundled PC Application Software
– Compact Design Makes for Long Battery Life


Power Quality Analyzer (Custom 5000A Kit)

POWER QUALITY ANALYZER 3197 is a compact, easy-to-operate, and affordable power quality measurement instrument. It has streamlined the functions of POWER QUALITY ANALYZER 3196, one of the power quality measurement instruments recognized as a standard worldwide. While the basic power anomaly measurement capabilities are retained, the smaller size and simpler measurement operations ensure that anyone can handle it easily. Also, in response to the recently growing interest in power management and energy saving measures, power measurement functions have been enhanced and display screen capabilities have been added for time series graphs of voltage, current and power, as well as energy consumption and demand graph displays. These features are ideally suited to the particular measurements required when a power anomaly occurs, and for applications involving power management and energy saving measures.


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