Fluke Optiview XG-10G

Integrates the latest wired and wireless technologies with powerful dedicated hardware in a unique tablet form factor providing
mobility to connect, analyze and solve network and application problems anywhere on the network
Displays your network exactly the way you want to see it through intuitive, customizable dashboards
Provides performance testing, ‘on-the-wire’ and ‘in-the-air’ automated analysis up to 10 Gbps
Enables proactive analysis by analyzing the information you need before problems arise
Out-of-the-box and customizable reports


Network Analysis Tablet
The OptiView XG’s unique tablet form factor provides the mobility to connect, analyze and troubleshoot anywhere in the network at the desk, in the data center, or at the end user location. It can quickly analyze the performance and health of devices, interfaces and paths on your network which moves beyond traditional LAN/WAN switching and routing to a true network fabric that incorporates heterogeneous physical devices, wireless networks, virtualized servers and networks.


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