eCo Suite

Used worldwide by manufacturers of military and civilian electronics equipment, the eCo Suite greatly simplifies the development of embedded systems and applications. Based on the Software Communications Architecture (SCA), an open standard designed by the international community, the eCo Suite contains all the tools needed to get you started quickly to design, develop, test and operate your Software Defined Systems.


eCo Hub

eCo Hub: The engine residing on the target platform, above the operating system, and responsible for the deployment and configuration of software.  Rather than using your own internally developed engine, you can trust eCo Hub, built following the international SCA standard and deployed in thousand of fielded military radios around the world. Available for a wide variety of processors and operating systems. eCo Hub is also provided with all the Devices and Services associated with the SCA standard for wireless systems and produced by the JTNC program and Wireless Innovation Forum (e.g. Audio, Vocoder, Ethernet, Security, Transceiver.)

eCo Architect

eCo Architect: No need to be an expert in the SCA, let eCo Architect generate all the SCA related code from the models you create on the tool canvas. Following a component-based design approach, create your own components or use those already provided from the eCo DSP library, connect them together, parametrize them and let Architect automatically generates all the SCA code from your created models. Mix code for different processors, even FPGA, or operating systems or data transport.

eCo Inspector

eCo Inspector: A test tool that will enable you to install, control and introspect your applications on surrogate platforms or on your own platform and provide you with lots of possibilities to optimize your system. Try deployment of software on various processors or in various cores of a same processor; co-locate different signal processing components on the space processor, same core or even same thread without having to recompile any of your application source code. Inject test probes within your application between processing elements and graphically analyze the generated signal.

eCo DSP Toolbox

eCo DSP Toolbox: You want to quickly start developing applications with having to write all the signal processing software. eCo DSP Toolbox is a library of the most common signal processing components of wireless systems such a Codecs, Filters, Modem, Interleavers.


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