Dranetz M264I

The DranTech ISO multimeter is a rugged portable measuring instrument for use in the field. It is suitable for servicing household appliance, machines and systems.
The instrument can be used in the field and is equipped with an internal, mains-independent power supply.



*Three Connector Jacks with patented Automatic Blocking Sockets < -All current ranges are implemented via a single connector jack which prevents any possibility of operator error. Beyond this, the automatic blocking sockets prevent incorrect connection of the measurement cables, as well as selection of the wrong measured quantity. Danger to the user, the instrument and the device under test resulting from operator error is thus ruled out. -The instrument is safeguarded for up to 1000 V in all measuring functions by overload protection. Voltages of greater than 1000 V and current of greater than 10 or 16 A are indicated acoustically. RMS Value with Distorted Waveshape -The utilized measuring method allows for waveshape independent RMS measurement (TRMS AC and AC+DC) for voltage and current up to 10 kHz). Activatable Filter for V AC Measurement -A 1 kHz low-pass filter can be activated if required, for example when measuring motor voltage at electronic frequency converters. Power Saving Circuit -If user selected, the device is switched off automatically if the measured value remains unchanged for a period of between 10 and 59 minutes (adjustable), and if none of the controls are activated during this time. DKD Calibration Certificate -The multimeters are furnished with an internationally valid DKD calibration certificate (recognized by EA and ILAC). After the specified calibration interval has elapsed (recommended interval: 1 to 3 years), the multimeters can be inexpensively recalibrated by the factory.


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