Ameritec AM5XT

What Is It?

The Ameritec Model AM5XT-200 is a wideband transmission test set. It is specifically engineered for peak performance for use in the field and in the lab. This easy to use unit offers a full range of transmission impairment measurements and a highly versatile signal generator in a single, compact, portable unit. About the size of a telephone directory, this test instrument fits conveniently on a bench top for use as a laboratory unit or can be rack mounted. The user has 100% digital control of all measure, filter, send, and termination functions. It is equipped with dialing capability and front panel binding posts for a linemans test set. With the addition of an optional rechargeable internal battery pack and soft carrying case, the AM5XT-200 can be utilized as a field tester with a battery life of up to six hours of uninterrupted use. The AM5XT-200 meets North American IEEE 743-1984 standards.


What Does It Do?

The Ameritec AM5XT-200 can perform qualification tests on circuits carrying voice band, HDSL, high quality and audio, DDS to 64 kbps and Basic Rate ISDN or other services using up to 200 kHz bandwidth. It has the ability to simultaneously send signals and measure received signals. Individual selection of ‘send and receive terminations’ and ‘On Hook/Off Hook DC Hold’ circuits are provided.

How Does It Work?

The technician utilizes the front panel with simple selection keys for all measure, filter, send and termination functions. The front panel is divided into easy to locate and easy to read areas for each of the major instrument functions. The selected configuration can easily be viewed at a glance. All measurements are fully auto ranging and may be viewed on the bright LED display. Designed with a built-in selectable 2.16 uf termination in series with the selected impedance. A built-in speaker allows the operator to audibly monitor either the send or receive. With an operating bandwidth to 200 kHz, the Sweep function can be programmed to automatically perform tests across the 20 kHz to 200 kHz bandwidth, while simultaneously measuring level and frequency across the same bandwidth.


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