Ameritec AM5XT-200

The Ameritec Model AM5XT-200 is a compact, user-friendly, yet powerful wideband analog transmission test set. It is powered by internal rechargeable batteries or by 110/220 VAC.

The user utilizes the color-coded controls and menu selection to select the desired measure mode and send mode. Measurements are captured and are automatically displayed. An X-Y matrix of buttons along the left side and bottom of the unit are used to select the test to be performed.

The Ameritec Model AM5XT-200 can do a variety of measurements. With its built-in dial capability on dial-up networks it can access a distant responder or a second AM5XT-200 for centralized 2-wire testing. You can use a single unit with an Ameritec responder for centralized loop back testing. Or, use two sets for a complete end-to-end test of 4-wire data lines.


What Can It Test?

Able to measure transmission circuits over the wideband range of 50 Hz to 200 kHz as follows:

* dBm level or dB loss
* Frequency
* Frequency Response (Attenuation Distortion)
* Noise
* Noise with Tone
* Signal/Noise Ratio
* P/AR
* 3 Level Impulse Noise
* Phase and Gain Jitter
* Hits and Dropouts
* Envelope Delay
* Intermodulation Distortion

In addition, it is equipped with a user-programmable, non-volatile memory contained within the unit. The unit can store up to 20 operator-defined send/measure test configurations.


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