Aeroflex IFR 3025C

The Aeroflex 3025C is a 6.00 GHz Signal Generator

The 3020 Series are compact 3U high precision PXI modular RF signal generators with an integrated dual-channel arbitrary waveform generator. Their functionality and performance are ideally matched to the needs of RF test systems for design verification and manufacturing up to 6 GHz. They provide RF output power control ranging from 121 dBm to +17 dBm with modulation bandwidths up to 90 MHz.


The 3025C module features an increased RF output power range of -120 dBm to +7 dBm to more effectively support RF component testing. All new modules provide the ability to generate and analyze signals with RF bandwidths up to 90 MHz? nearly three times the bandwidth on current models. This places Aeroflex at the leading edge for instrumentation technology capable of supporting WiMAX and other emerging wideband communications systems. The new hardware modules have been made even faster to further accelerate production throughput. For example, new features within the digitizer family offer an 80 percent improvement in data-transfer speed over the PCI bus and the new 3025C signal generator can switch frequency ten times faster than before for frequencies up to 85 MHz.


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