89640A Vector Signal Analyzer dc-2.7 GHz

The 89640A PC-based vector signal analyzer (VSA) offers 36 MHz bandwidth for measuring RF signals up to 2.7 GHz, such as digital satellite video and other satellite signals, LMDS, 802.11b wireless LAN, 802.11a and HiperLAN/2 OFDM wireless LAN, Bluetooth systems and more. Use it to help design new digital communications systems by using its flexible demodulation to analyze new wideband emerging format signals.

The analyzer features unique error analysis tools, including adaptive equalization, designed to help you identify the existence and cause of problems. These include DSP errors such as symbol timing errors, filtering errors, DAC overflow, incorrect sinX/X compensation and more, as well as RF problems such as IQ imbalance, quadrature skew, IQ offset, and much more.


These same capabilities are available for use in making measurements on simulations created by math tools, such as MATLAB and Mathcad. When used with Agilent EESof’s Advanced Design System CAE simulation, these measurements can be made using a dynamic link in a ?real time? fashion. This allows you to troubleshoot the simulation, adjust it, and make measurements much as you would in hardware.

When combined with new ADS links to instrumentation such as Agilent’s ESG Signal Source, you can create a system with ?virtual hardware? ? using the simulation to substitute for a missing piece in the block diagram, and making measurements on it as though it were physically existing.


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