Fusion, the cornerstone product of the vNet solution set within the VIAVI NITRO™ platform, provides software-based lifecycle management for test, service activation, performance monitoring and troubleshooting on all network layers.


Fusion is the premier product in the VIAVI NITRO platform, which addresses the challenges of test and measurement for new virtual and hybrid networks. As part of the NITRO VNet solution set which is focused on virtual service activation and performance management, Fusion arms network operators and enterprises with a valuable set of standards-based test tools that deliver accurate test results on which managers and engineers can depend. Fusion monitors and ensures network performance and verifies Service Level Agreements in both virtual and physical networks.


  • Resolve customer complaints faster
  • Increase customer satisfaction with Ethernet and IP services
  • Divert technician truck rolls with helpdesk based remote testing
  • Reduce technician coordination for RFC6349-compliant TCP (TrueSpeed) and UDP throughput tests


  • Business services and residential customer care testing
  • Mobility backhaul qualification, performance monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Residential ISP installation testing
  • Metro and core network mesh testing

Key Features

  • RFC7594 (LMAP) compliant architecture with NetConf/Yang I/F
  • Virtual probes running standards-based, repeatable tests:
    • L2 – Y.1564 SAMComplete
    • L3 – Y.1564 SAMComplete
    • L3 – Performance Monitoring TWAMP
    • L4 – TCP throughput (RFC6349 TrueSpeed)
    • L4 – UDP throughput (Y.1564)
  • Solution combines/supports:
    • Virtual probes
    • Virtual test probes
    • PC SW clients
    • Legacy Test Instruments
    • Pluggable optics probes
  • Performance optimization through use of packet acceleration, DPDK and SRIOV
  • KVM, VMware, and OpenStack compatible

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