Today s demanding network testing environment calls for an instrument that is powerful, compact, and
easy to use. TTC s T-BERD 107A meets all these requirements and more. Ideal for testing from the
Reduce Setup Time
The automatic configuration feature immediately
determines the proper framing and
pattern so the technician can quickly monitor
live circuits.
Test Full T1 Span
Error and signal analysis can be performed
at any point along a T1 span, including
repeater input. This instrument is ideal for
full installation and maintenance testing
along T-Carrier spans.
Reduce Testing Time
Qualify T1 spans at the touch of a button with
the automated BRIDGTAP and MULTIPAT
tests developed by TTC. These automated test
patterns eliminate the need for individual tests.
Troubleshoot Equipment
Emulate the customer premises channel service
unit (CSU) and network interface unit
(NIU) from the span to isolate the toughest
Identify Timing Problems
Quickly identify network synchronization
problems between equipment and a reference
signal with the timing slip measurement.
Monitor VF Channels
Listen to individual channels and monitor
data and ABCD signaling bits on all 24 channels
when troubleshooting DSO problems.
Measure VF level, frequency, and quality
with the channel monitor feature.
Decode SLC Datalinks
Decode alarms and datalink messages when
installing and troubleshooting SLC systems
with the SLC Decode Option.
Minimize Downtime
The Smart Loopback/Command Codes
Option enables the technician to isolate
problems anywhere along the network with
minimal circuit downtime. Use intelligent
repeater technology to qualify and maintain
circuits in the field and non-intrusively query
performance data. Span problems can be
sectionalized remotely before dispatching
maintenance personnel.
central office, in the field, and at the customer premises, this TTC product provides all the testing capability
necessary for troubleshooting the entire T1 span. It quickly and easily performs a full range of T-Carrier
testing in the convenience of a lightweight, rugged, handheld package.


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