Refrigeration System for the covid 19 vaccine

Acquire with us the refrigeration system for the covid 19 vaccine

Today we are facing an unknown pandemic that came as a surprise to the world, fortunately the vaccine against this pathogen is already circulating, which requires special care. Our company distributes this specialized Refrigeration equipment, this being an essential element for conservation

with a temperature below the -86 ° C required by said product.

Conceptos Electronics guarantees the capacity and quality of the equipment we distribute.

The D-series freezers (dual independent refrigeration systems) have recently been designed to provide the highest level of safety for valuable biological samples. Two individually controlled compressors provide a reliable and exceptionally stable -86 ° C ultra-low temperature environment. In the event of an unexpected failure of one of the cooling circuits, the other circuit will keep the freezer continuously in the -70 ° C range.

DW-86L400D / 600D / 940D Ultra Low Dual Independent Refrigeration System Freezers -86 ° C for Covid 19


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